Treats that feel like home...



I was born and raised at 408 Homestead Drive in Lawrence, Kansas.  The name "Homestead" felt like a natural choice because it was everything I want my treats to be... cozy and comforting.  There was very little "flair" in the house itself, but the substance of that place was from the people that were constantly going to and fro.  They came and went with ease because it was a place that just FELT good.  That's how I want all my Homestead Treats to make you feel: comforted and cared for.

At Homestead Treats, you’ll find tasty treats that “taste like home.” Every item for sale has been cultivated from family and friend favorites. They have been requested for years of birthdays, holidays, and... well... any days! More often than not, these treats are for a “just because”, ‘cuz who doesn’t need a little perk in their day! I have always said that the true gift of a homemade treat isn’t just the final product, but the time and love that has been put in from start to finish. Nothing feels better than a “treat” that comes from the heart.